Can Mouthpieces Stop Women’s Lacrosse Mouth Injuries?

Every single year, thousand of young women get hit in the face with a lacrosse stick, a lacrosse ball or another player’s arm or hand. Fortunately, almost all women’s lacrosse players wear some form of mouthpiece. Years ago, it was considered to be “cool” or “tough” to not wear a mouthpiece but the tides have turned. In fact, almost all women’s lacrosse college athletes now wear a mouthpiece.

We have seen athletes like Molly Hendrick from UNC and Taylor Cummings from Maryland pull out their mouthpiece after an important goal but put it right back in their mouth before taking the next draw. Even if an athlete just chews on a mouthpiece, it is a wise decision to have it available at any given moment during a game.

There are some attackers that will likely take their mouthpiece out when the opponent has the ball. It is highly unlikely anything physical is going to happen when the ball is in the opponent’s offensive zone. That being said, the safest way to play is to always have one’s mouthpiece properly on the upper teeth┬áto avoid any type of major injury.

It will be interesting to see if trends change in the near future, but it looks as if mouthpieces are here to stay in the lacrosse world. You can do some searches for the most popular college women’s lacrosse athletes and find that most of them have a mouthpiece in their mouth during the action. Do not think that just because during a celebration the mouthpiece is out that they do not wear one during the game.

If your daughter is just getting started in the sport, you would be wise to make 100% certain they have a mouthpiece in at all times. Not only does it save you quite a bit when it comes to dental bills, it will also save your daughter from biting her tongue or the inside of her cheeks. Getting them started at a young age will likely mean the will continue to do it throughout their high school and college careers.

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