Amazing Duke Women’s Lacrosse Photos – Jennison Images

While at the South of the Border scrimmage on Duke’s campus today I bumped into George Jennison. He was snapping photos of the Duke vs Delaware game while I was watching the UNC vs James Madison game. Our conversation started with photography as that is something I have fallen in love with. We discussed HDR, sports photography and everything else under the sun. If you want to view some amazing women’s lacrosse action shots check out his website here – Jennison Images.

I struggle with action photography as my Nikon D5200 is much better for landscapes and structures. I may eventually break down and adjust some settings on the D5200 but at this point I am not skilled enough to capture the action shots in RAW. I know I can set the camera to JPEG but then I would have to adjust all my HDR settings. If you are into HDR photography feel free to follow me on Twitter or check out this community on Google+.

Duke has some great home games this year including Northwestern, Maryland, Virginia and Georgetown. I will attend most of these games and do some write ups on this site, but you can get truly amazing images at Jennison Images. A picture is worth a thousand words and he uploads many pictures.

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