Team USA Takes Two From Maryland at Champion Challenge

Early on in game 1 of the Champions Challenge Saturday slate it look as if Maryland was going to give Team USA a run for their money. I even wrote a quick article expressing my shock. Well, After down 4-5 to Maryland at halftime Team USA decided to turn it on. They ended up coming back and winning game 1 by six goals with a final score of 16-10. That means they outscored Maryland 12-5 in the second half. As if that were not enough, Team USA laid it to Maryland in game 2.

Game 2 was much more of what I have come to expect from Team USA. The game was never close. Team USA won 19-4 in a game that was very similar to the games in the 2013 World Cup. I have yet to see the stats but I would imagine Maryland played a lot of young players in the second game. It will be interesting to see how UNC attacks Team USA tomorrow. I would expect UNC to be able to play with Team USA for a little bit but I do not foresee a victory.

It would shock me if the Team USA vs UNC game is not a high scoring game. Brittney Coppa, Aly Messinger, Sammy Jo Tracy, Abbey Friend and Maggie Bill will all get on the scoreboard for UNC. It will be very interesting to see just how many goals the Tar Heels can put on the board. If both teams are not in double digits you can call me crazy. Remember, the game will be aired on ESPNU at midnight on Sunday after the Grammys. It should be a fun one to watch.

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