Margaret Corzel and Sloane Serpe Take on Coach Katrina Dowd

At the ESPN World Wide of Sports Complex in Orlando, Florida the lacrosse world is getting together to see some of the best players in the sport. On Friday night the Syracuse Orange will look to go 2-0 as they take on Stetson. On Saturday, January 25th, the Maryland Terrapins will take on Team USA. On Sunday, the defending national champion UNC Tar Heels will take on Team USA. The most interesting thing about the weekend is the individual matchups in these games.

In the Maryland game, Katie Schwarzmann, Iliana Sanza, and Alex Aust will play for Team USA when they played with the same girls last season as seniors. Sophomore Taylor Cummings will be on Team USA while she will play the rest of the season for the University of Maryland. There are several other former players from the University of Maryland that will play on Team USA during the games on Saturday and Sunday.

One of the best matchups of the weekend will be Katrina Dowd versus UNC preseason All Americans Margaret Corzel and Sloane Serpe. Katrina Dowd is currently an assistant coach for the UNC Tar Heels and she helped to coach the team to a national title last season, with Corzel and Serpe playing a key part in the UNC defensive scheme. On Sunday, Dowd will be the premiere attacker against the two preseason All Americans. Dowd is one of the best attackers in the history of women’s lacrosse and many would argue she is the best player on the planet right now.

Dowd scored the most goals every in the 2013 Women’s Lacrosse World Cup. She is also just a few years removed from winning four national championships at Northwestern. It is all in due time before she gets a head coaching job offer. Corzel is a junior for the UNC team but she has been in Chapel Hill for four years. She sat out a season with a medical redshirt. As a redshirt sophomore she was a captain on the national championship team. This year she is a captain along with Sloane Serpe and midfielder Brittney Coppa.

This is going to offer plenty of entertainment to fans. Those that cannot make it to the ESPN Wide World of Sports will be able to watch the game on ESPNU at midnight Sunday into Monday morning. Other interesting matchups will be Kayla Treanor, Syracuse attacker that scored 5 goals in the first game this season vs Caileigh Sindall, Mallory Frysinger and Courtney Waite of the UNC defense. I will also be interesting to see how Maggie Bill plays in her first scrimmage as a Tar Heel. She is expected to be one of the best players in the country.

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