Aly Messinger Learns from Kara Cannizzaro

Aly Messinger came into UNC like any other freshman; new to the whole college experience. One thing that made Aly unique was the fact that her older sister was a women’s lacrosse athlete at UNC prior to Aly committing to coach Jenny Levy. Aly was able to watch her sister play at Fetzer Field on the UNC campus many times. There is little doubt that this helped make her college decision a little easier. The 2012-13 UNC Women’s Lacrosse freshman class has been touted as one of the best classes in history. Not just at UNC, but for the entire sport of women’s lacrosse.

Young Messinger has been soaking up the knowledge of senior Kara Cannizzaro at every opportunity. Cannizzaro is know for her amazing work ethic. She is always going full speed in practice and stay afterwards to work on her dodging skills. Messinger has noticed this and is upping her game as well. Throughout the first eight games of the season it is obvious that Messinger is learning from Cannizzaro, who is a player of the year candidate. Messinger is now a starter for the Tar Heels and she is a top five scorer on the team. In a recent interview, Cannizzaro stated that Messinger is one of the best players she has ever played with.

This is amazing praise from someone who has been to the Final Four two times in her career. After losing the first game of the season to the University of Florida the Tar Heels have reeled off seven straight wins. Cannizzarro and Messinger are leading the way on the offensive end as the Tar Heels have scored 15, 17 and 11 goals in their last three games. The future is very bright for Messigner and Cannizzaro is glad to help her grow up quickly.

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